New SembraCare Conference

Details can be found by clicking on the headline above. Obtain tickets here Agenda Topics: General Overview: Industry Updates,  Rates, PCS Assessment Trends, Appeals, Lead Agency Issues Legal Update:          Parker Poe Compliance:            Audits (Pre-payment, post payment, DHSR Surveys, Program Integrity) & Quality Assurance (Quarterly Reviews/ Annuals) Billing: […]

Our Home Care Software

* Helps you manage complete employee and client records with ease
* Tracks and stores nursing assessments
* Generates PCS-Pact and PCS forms
* Runs in your web browser allowing you to work nearly anywhere
* Handles billing and generates payroll reports
* Submits and stores employee criminal background checks
* Greatly reduces paperwork
* Alerts you to help ensure regulatory compliance

Key Features

* Complete client charts and employee files
* Supports multiple plan types
* Real time in-state background checks
* Instant Medicaid eligibility checks, with regular checks done for you
* Online employee applications
* Online in-service training and testing
* Scheduling deviations are easily recorded
* One-time data input generates accurate form, care plan and time sheets
* We alert you to upcoming deadlines and due dates
* One-click online time sheet approval submits your billing
* Automatic CMS-1500 generation
* 24/7 Client Support
* Quality assurance report generation
* Easy client-employee scheduling

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